Claw Belt, Black

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Belts are often an underrated and neglected accessory, yet they are the perfect way to add some personality to your outfit. Inspired by a gun sling, the claw buckle on our belt is sure to grab anyone's attention.


  • Bridle leather
  • Nickel claw buckle
  • For this particular belt, we recommend the same size as your pant waist

Styling Tip: Pair color of belt with other accessories, shoes in particular. For example: If you are wearing black shoes try to go with a black belt to match. You can get even more detail oriented by matching the color of the buckle with your other accessories. For Example: you may choose to pair a silver buckle with a similar silver buckle or piece on a shoe, silver frame of sunglasses, a silver watch, or maybe even silver cufflinks or tie bar. And never be afraid to mix leather colors. Black leather boots paired with a brown leather jacket and vice versa is very bold and looks great, but still match the belt to the shoes not the jacket. 


Made in America