Treatment Cleansing Oil

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We are proud to be the first in the USA to offer this amazing product line. Thomas worked with Rob the founder for many months to bring his incredible products to America, so to say Thomas is a fan is an understatement - he literally swears by them. 

Cleansing oil may initially sound like an oxymoron, but give it one try and you will quickly see why we love it. It delivers your "best hair day" every day - no joke. It is the foundation that allows the styling balm to work its best. It does not make your hair oily - it makes your hair feel healthy and full.

"I've never really liked shampoo. It seems primitive to literally strip the scalp of oils and nutrients it's producing for a reason. Basic science tells us oil removes oil. Why not emulsify the excess oil off the scalp as opposed to breaking it down with detergent style shampoo leaving the scalp reeling and the cuticle layer of the hair so peeled back the hair is frizzy and unmanageable for two days." - Rob Mason / Morris Motley

  • Oil-based hair cleanser
  • Made in Australia