Morris Motley Chrome

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We are proud to be the first in the USA to offer this amazing product line. Thomas worked with Rob the founder for many months to bring his incredible products to America, so to say Thomas is a fan is an understatement - he literally swears by them. 

The Chrome cream is unlike any other product that adds sheen to your hair. Don't let the name fool you - you can easily dial in the exact amount of shine you desire. One application gives a natural luster while two passes or more and you're on your way to shine town. Thomas mixes with the matte Styling Treatment Balm for a natural luster look. 

"The thick creme like texture gives the user the option to layer the product to achieve the desired amount of shine. A small amount will add pliability and a very faint natural sheen, a few more scoops and the hair will resemble Chrome... Chrome is 100% VEGAN friendly. Only premium ingredients selected that moisturize and condition the hair and scalp, while you use it." - Rob Mason / Morris Motley

  • Variation on the Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm
  • Firm Hold. Versatile sheen.
  • Made in Australia