Prospector Co. K.C. Atwood Aftershave

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This crisp, citrusy aftershave splash gets its name from America's citrus magnate, Kimball Chase Atwood. From humble beginnings as a summer clerk in his father's general store in Maine, Atwood would go on to operate the largest grapefruit grove in the world. It all started when a hunting and fishing trip led him to Florida in the 1890s, where he saw great opportunity. With the purchase of 265 acres of land on which he grew 96 miles of grapefruit, the rest became history.

Witch hazel and aloe build a solid foundation for the invigorating grapefruit and sweet orange properties in this aftershave. Sandalwood and hints of lime and coriander bring everything together for a crisp, tightening finish. A couple splashes of this alcohol-free solution on your face after a shave will have you feeling invigorated, ready to start your day fresh. 

4 oz. glass bottle with orifice reducer.

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